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Frequently Asked Questions

Is PLA the only material offered? 

Yes, though we are developing a few very interesting new materials they will not be released until January 2021. This is mostly due to the delays associated with Covid-19. 

What are the printing parameters? 

We recommend nozzle temperatures of 218-225C (not exceeding 235C).

Bed temperature is not required but we recommend 50-60C if your printer has a heated bed. 

Fan speed should be kept as low as possible 0-15% depending on part complexity. 

We primarily print with a spray adhesive for the bed but generic glue sticks work as well. 

Is this material right for me? 

We are happy to consult on a case by case basis to see if this is the right material for you. In general if you like the ease of printing with PLA but want a wider application window for the material, our Ultra Diamond material is right for you. 

Does the material damage my Printer or Nozzle? 

No. Due to the properties of proprietary nano diamonds they drastically reduce friction and allow for high speed low wear printing. The reasonable printing temperature means that virtually all printers on the market today can use our material. 

Why nano diamond and not something else like carbon fiber? 

There is not much new with carbon fiber composites. We began in 2014 experimenting with various types of carbon fiber, carbon nano tubes, carbon nano fiber, graphene, etc. The results were good but not great. The research that we did from 2015-2018 led to a novel way to influence polymer crystallisation, increase printability, increase strength, and decrease wear on the printer. There is not another solution that checks all of these boxes and the PLA variant is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Can I become a reseller?

In short, yes we are open to regionally specific reseller opportunities. However until January 2021 we can discuss inner workings but will not be adding new resellers until our production capacity has been expanded to incorporate our new product lines. 

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