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Why the Name Tiamet 3D?

The ancient Mesopotamian creation story centers around Tiamat the goddess of saltwater or primordial chaos. Out of nothingness she created an army of dragons to revolt against the gods. Tiamat armed the dragons with tools and weapons stronger than any other, in order to legitimately challenge the status quo. 


3D printing captures this idea that things can be made out of essentially nothing. And Tiamet 3D embodies the notion of disrupting industry. Industrial 3D printing giants control much of the advanced 3D printing space. When desktop grade printers started appearing on the market it was the beginning of this transition toward rapid deployment decentralised manufacturing. With a smaller price tag and easier portability desktop printers held a lot of promise. 


They were however lacking the high performance materials only available in industrial grade printers. Tiamet 3D is furthering this disruptive force, of accessible 3D printers, by supplying better than industrial grade materials to the desktop printer market. We give you the tools to create more high performance parts and take manufacturing back into your hands. Dream big, print strong, and create more with our Ultra filament line. 


The Idea of Tiamet 3D began with a simple dutch problem, “My bike frame is broken, how can I fix it?” (Reid Larson Co-founder of Tiamet 3D) Well it wasn’t the first time, it had already been welded back together and it broke again on the weld in the same spot! Since aluminium is very difficult and expensive to weld, Reid wanted a better solution. He purchased a low end printer, and using normal ABS and PLA he tried to print a splint for the broken frame section. It broke out of every material he could find at the time.

There had to be a better way.

He started experimenting with different additives for normal plastic and with a small desktop extruder he began to try standard combinations. First carbon fiber powder, then fiber glass, and even bamboo. This yielded the same results as the base polymer, in fact it seemed to break faster! It seems that most additives for the non industrial market are merely a marketing gimmick with no real strength benefits. 


Tiamet was able to achieve significant strength improvement. First by using a specially treated carbon fiber, and later by incorporating nano materials to create extremely high strength nano-composites. Please give our filament a try and you too will realise what you have been missing. Tiamet, Ultra high strength filament for your desktop 3D printer. 



Sustainability is a way for us all to decrease the damage we do on the environment. At Tiamet we are trying to do our part by using recycled plastic and fibers wherever possible. One of our first applications of high strength recycled plastics was on the Raad Van State building in Den Haag, NL. We used recycled PET bottles from Sita Suez and strengthened them with recycled carbon fiber! This is the first time that 3D printing has been used on one of the most historic buildings in the netherlands. 

Why Ultra Filament?

Why an emphasis on Recycled materials?

Our Green initiatives dont stop there, we produce our filaments with 100% renewable energy and are involved in some revolutionary ideas. One of which is Waste4me2, a decentralised production facility turning ideas into reality by upcycling waste plastics. Our reinforcing of recycled plastics allows for some entirely new applications and were excited to see what you create! 

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