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High performance 3D printer filament. 750 gram spool of our patented nano diamond filament. 


Sent in a resealable aluminium bag within a box made of recyled carboard. 

Carefully designed and made in The Netherlands. 


More info:

Ultra Diamond PLA+ 750gr

€47.00 Regular Price
€44.99Sale Price
  • Filament basics: 


    Nozzle wear: Less than normal filament!

    Diameter : 1.75mm & 2.85mm

    Roundness: >95%

    Print Temp : 220-240C 

    Bed temperature: 0-50C

    Print speed: 5mm/s - 500 mm/s

    High wear resitance

    HDT : 95C

    Post-Annealing operating temperature : 120C 

    Modulus(Auto Young's): 6300 MPa   

    Tensile stress at Yield (zero slope): 45 MPa  

    High dimensional accuracy even after annealing 0.25%

    Low toxicity (due to PLA+ base) 

    High thermal transfer: 3X-5X More than standard PLA




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